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2004 artist-in-residence at Podewil

18.Apr.2004 improvisation and interview at Notmusik/ radio 104.1MHz 23:00-1:00


current projects

2004 live-spatialization of Reinhold Friedl playing inside the Neo-Bechstein, an electric grand-piano from the late 1920s rediscovered and restored by David Balzer


past projects

2001 Playing Games vs. Performing Music (Joystick Solo)

"RadioGaga vs. MemoryScanner"
1999 for Leonardo Music Journal - Power & Responsibility

"Elizaveta Bam"
1997 Theater Music with Sampler for a play by Gerindo Kartadinata

"Der Leiermann"
1996 CNMAT megajam excerpt with Pierre Korzilius

"De Oude Vrouw"
1995 Theater Music with Live Guitar for a play by Gerindo Kartadinata

1995 Three Guitars Droning with Rafael Toral and Robert Poss

1993 Extended Guitar Solo (live at STEIM)

"Work in Progress"
1992 Live Multi Media Sculpture with art collective "artGenossen"

1992 Free Improv with Bernd Rastetter and Holger Görissen

1991 Free Improv with Gregor Stehle and Jochen

1991 First Music Concrete (inspired by Robert Altman movie)

1990 Free Improv with Gregor Stehle and Helmut Dinkel

"Hast du's ihr gesagt ?"
1990 Film Music for Nic Nagel

Souxhat Bee
1989-1990 Free-Funk Fake-Jazz

Abalamahalamatandra Co.
1986-1988 ArtRock w/o Drum'n'Bass

Friday Evening
1986 Guitars, Tuba, and self-made modular synthesizer...